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2010 World Cup Preview: Uruguay

Creative Commons License photo credit: jikatu

The Team: Uruguay has a rich soccer history that features two World Cup titles. However, they have not won it all since 1950, and their recent results have been rather poor. But, one must remember that Uruguay is actually quite a small country, and therefore their success on the pitch must be respected. In fact, Uruguay is by far the smallest country to ever win the World Cup. Can they add a third Cup in 2010? Well, to do so, they will need to bring their best.

The Cream: So, who are the best players on the pitch for Uruguay? Well, Diego Lugano is the team’s captain and defensive stalwart. They will need he and another Diego, Diego Godin, to shut down opponents’ attacks. As for who their best offensive players are, once again, I like two Diegos, Diego Forlan and Diego Perez respectively. So, to make a long story short, for Uruguay to win the World Cup, they are going to need everyone named Diego to play very well.

The Dream: Group A does not feature much firepower, but I do not believe Uruguay will be able to advance over Mexico and France. They simply lack the talent of those two teams. However, they could make up for their lack of skill by displaying their trademark tenacity. Charruas, as they are known in Uruguay, could very well shock the world by pushing into the knockout rounds. I doubt it though. In fact, I put their odds of winning the World Cup at 75:1.