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Group A In The World Cup More Than It’s Cracked Up To Be

Group A at the 2010 World Cup could easily be called a “Group of Death” (as if there was only supposed to be one.  That’s like saying that there can only be ONE villain in sports and we all know that there’s usually ALOT more than one villain per sporting event.)  I know that Group G is supposed to be the “Group of Death” but maybe should be “a” in front of that and take a look at Group A as Group G’s slightly-less-anger-management-needing cousin.

Group A features South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, and France.  Now, for my money, I can’t see why people didn’t immediately think that the South Africans were going to die (being the host and all) and being in a group with the Mexicans and the French.  When last I checked France and Mexico are PRETTY DARN GOOD and the Uruguay team is surging.  

Just because Uruguay is hot right now DOES NOT mean that they will come in behind France and get out of this group.  

South Africa has homefield advantage.  In International Soccer that is BIG DEAL.  So, every match that SA plays will be slanted towards them from the outset. 

Mexico is teeming with Soccer talent and you can’t tell me for one second that they’ll just meekly fall in behind Uruguay “just because”.  It’s SO much more complicated than that.  Any team can steal any game at any time from anybody.

Then there’s France.  They got NO good fortune at all.  They are in a Group with the host, Mexico, and an “up and coming” small country.  Do YOU want to play any of those teams?  I know I wouldn’t, especially after France was gifted they way into the Tournament and was summarily punished by not getting a top seed.  Not having that Top Seed put them in this position (that’s right!  Things got really fuzzy for the French!)