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2010 World Cup Preview: France

Creative Commons License photo credit: jesseducation

The Team: Ah, Zidane, how I will miss you this year. Les Bleus, the freaking French, will likely miss you too. Not only were you an awesome player, but you also had a great head on your shoulders. Alas, you have retired. France will probably fare decently without you. After all, the team is a global powerhouse and it hoisted the World Cup as recently as 1998. However, the team is currently embroiled in scandal after Henry “handed” them their spot.

The Cream: France boasts a bevy of bona fide soccer stars. In addition to Thierry “Jazz Hands” Henry, they have many other mercurial strikers, including Nicolas Anelka. Their defense is also quite formidable, featuring three superstars in Gallas, Sagna and Evra in the back. Diarra, Govou, and Vieira can play some majestic midfield as well, meaning France is one of the best all-around teams in the tournament. But, can they reach a 2nd straight Final?

The Dream: France obviously is still sore over their loss in the 2006 Final (so is Materrazzi’s chest). But, Ireland is even more bent out of shape right now due to the fact France straight up stole their spot in the world’s biggest spectacle. I think France will coast through the first round, seeing as how they are in the tourney’s easiest group. However, I don’t think they have the cohesion to win it all. I would put the odds of them winning the Cup at 15:1.