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Gregorio Manzano objective at Sevilla? "Once again be amongst the great teams"

Sevilla’s new coach, Gregorio Manzano, is ready to get the club into winning ways after having been unveiled as the new coach of the Spanish club. However, Manzano also believes that much will have to be done and no one should be expect an overnight success, “I’m not the Wizard of Oz”, Manzano went on to say.

Having made his way into the club following the firing of Antonio Alvarez, Manzano is expecting his team to perform to the best of their abilities.

“I cannot make any assessment about what is currently happening to Sevilla. What I want is to think that, from this moment, we are going to start working with the squad to achieve the best performances. [But] there is no button in the dressing room which means I come in, press it and everything changes. I’m not the Wizard of Oz. We have to get across our way of working, style of playing…Our objective, in the short term, is that the players show what they can do, look ahead and leave the past behind. I want Sevilla to be a winning team, a team that dares to go for games without fear, that can take advantage of the qualities of the players we have, which has its own identity, and who are not afraid of anything.”

The former Real Mallorca coach has much faith in Sevilla and hopes to be one of the great teams in La Liga. With a lot of work ahead of him, Manzano can be the man to make Sevilla a feared club once again.

“Our objective is to once again be amongst the great teams. What is this? To be third? To be fourth? Fifth? We will fight to be there amongst the greats, which is where Sevilla have to be.”

Think Gregorio Manzano will be able to make some drastic changes in Sevilla? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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