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Greece's World Cup Preview: The Debate

Metropolitan Museum Of Art - The Death of SocratesThe Glass is Half Full

Sure Greece’s chances of winning the Cup is around 150 to 1 and sure they have never won a World Cup match, but this will all change this summer when the club achieves one of the most improbable runs in World Cup history.  And if you think such an idea is completely far fetched then maybe you should read up on the history of the UEFA Euro Cup.  In 2004 nobody thought that the Greek squad had a chance of winning the event, but despite their 150 to 1 odds (sound familiar) they went all the way to the final and beat hosting nation Portugal.  Think it was a fluke.  Well in that case maybe you should look at their first match in the event.  Yeah they beat Portugal in that match too.  And did I mention that they still have most of the same stars on their team.  Yep Greece is a dark horse this year.

The Glass is Half Empty

If you want to know how good of a chance Greece has this World Cup then please look back to, well, every other World Cup in the history of the tournament.  The nation that invented the Olympics is surprisingly terrible at the world’s most beautiful game and in their long history the only time they ever made it to the Cup they lost all three matches and suffered a dreadful goal differential of -10.  Maybe the Greeks could win the Cup if every team was forced to go in the buff with fig leaves covering their junk, but in the modern day the Greeks are not considered too good.  In fact they never have been very good at the sport.  This will only be their second World Cup in their history and that is flat out awful.  But the good news is at least now we know why Socrates decided to poison himself.  He watched one to many Greek football matches.

Creative Commons License photo credit: David Paul Ohmer