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Grand Slam For Mourinho?

When I hear Grand Slam I think–baseball, Denny’s and Tennis–not necessarily in that order.  However, that’s what I think about.  Now, when you start mentioning the Grand Slam in Soccer then I start thinking about winning perhaps your league title, an ancillary tournament in your league and the Champion’s League.  Like, if Chelsea won the Champs League, the FA Cup, and the EPL season.  For me, that’s a Grand Slam in Soccer.  Well, Jose Mourinho has a more selfish Grand Slam in mind.

Mourinho thinks that winning all of the leagues in Europe–the big ones–would be a Grand Slam for him.  Notice, this has nothing to do with teams, players, friendships, dear friends, executives who bought players for him–nothing–just him.  It’s kind of funny when you think about it since he’s never hit the field to win any of the titles he’s won.  I don’t see him in any cleats–so you can’t really win a Grand Slam if you aren’t playing.  That’s just me–but Jose feels differently:

“No player or coach has won the three important leagues and I want to be the first to do it. Ancelotti, Capello, Van Nistelrooy, Beckham and others have won two, but not three. I would like to be the first to win the Grand Slam of the Spanish, Italian and English leagues.”

“At Chelsea I felt I was capable of winning the European Cup. I won a couple of leagues and several cups, but not the European Cup. At Inter I felt capable of winning the Scudetto and cups and we also won the Champions League. You can never say what you are going to do.”

Can we just call him the most selfish man in sports and get it over with?  I really wish I was wrong and he lost the Champs League just so I could hear his concession in a loss…

He might win his own Grand Slam–but what is that doing for Barca after they already won their league without him?