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Goran Pandev and Mauro Zárate Are Helping to Keep Lazio Close

Without some timely goals from forwards Goran Pandev (5) and Mauro Zárate (6), S.S. Lazio would be several rungs down the table and more-than-likely out of Europe next year. Manager Delio Rossi still has the potential on his side to secure a successful campaign but he must find greater production from several key players including tapping into Pandev’s full potential. You might recall Pandev’s brace against Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League. He has the potential to be a top star in Italy.

Czech defender David Rozehnal is yet to make a lasting impact with the club after his much-covered move from Newcastle United. The club also has a trio of thirty-somethings who are well past their prime in midfielder Christian Manfredini, forward Simone Inzaghi, and midfielder Ousmane Dabo. Can the club hold on to a top position? Unless more talent is brought in it looks unlikely for S.S.Lazio.