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Gonzalo Higuian to be back in a months time

It was stated earlier in the weeks that Real Madrid striker, Gonzalo Higuian will be out for 2 months with a hernia in his lower back but recent reports have him returning sooner than expected. As Higuian started his recover program on his herniated disc problem, it seems that the results are rapidly getting better and the amount estimated for his recover will be a lot sooner.

Reports on Real Madrid’s fan site circulated with rumors of Higuian having to miss 2 months of action but the latest reports, on his injury, say that he could be back in just one month’s time. Marca reports went on to state that if everything “Goes according to plan”, the Argentinean striker will be back, in full-fitness, in just month.

Its great news for Los Blanco’s as the absence of Higuain seems to have slowed down their attacking progression that was displayed earlier in the season. Although this may be bad news for Benzema, the Frenchman must be happy that he is getting more playing time and having a chance in proving his worth to the team. However, I wouldn’t bet on Benzema seeing the field much more after the return of Higuain after the 5-0 embarrassment against their rivals, Barcelona.

Think that Real Madrid will start looking for another striker when Higuain returns? Is Benzema doing better now or are Los Blancos better off looking elsewhere? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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