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Giuseppe Rossi Set to Out for 10 Months

Bad luck never seems to stop arriving for Villarreal striker, Giuseppe Rossi, this season as the latest reports suggesting that he might need longer time to recover from his second ligament injury from the previously predicted six months.

According to reports, Rossi will most likely rest for about 10 months because of his current recurring injury because he apparently must get a second surgery after facing the first one last Friday.

“With the objective that Giuseppe Rossi returns to his best physical condition, the most secure procedure consists of two operations. Villarreal offer all their support and wish the best recovery to Guiseppe Rossi,” read a statement from Villarreal confirming the need of a second operation.

According to the news, Rossi, who is being handled by Dr. Richard Steadman, is set to face his second surgery in four months time and after that it would take around six month recuperation period before the striker can start training again. Obviously this is a very disappointing news for the Italian international as he was already recovering from his knee injury not long ago but apparently picked up a similar problem during a training session not long ago, which forced him to go under the knife once again.

Already losing his chance to participate in the upcoming Euro 2012, Rossi might also lose more preparation time for Villarreal’s new season and it might took him quite a while as well to get his form back. Moreover, several plan of him moving to other teams next summer might also be scrapped as there’s small chance that any team, notably top teams, would be trying to sign him before knowing that his 100% match fit again.

Rossi’s long term injury has also being considered as one of the reasons for Villarreal’s struggles this season, as the Italian international has been an important attacking act for the Yellow Submarintes in the past few seasons now. There’s nothing much that the former Manchester United player can do at the moment aside from working his best to recover as soon as possible before eventually start training had in getting his game back again.