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Giovinco Isn’t Keen On Returning To Juve

Sebastian Giovinco 6Sebastian Giovinco has been having a revelation since his move from Juventus to Parma as the attacking midfielder gets consistent call up from Cesare Prandelli to fill a spot in the national team.

Despite having a great time with the Gialloblu, there’s a recent advice from Prandelli that it might be better for Giovinco to return and play again with the Turin giant as playing with bigger club would mature the youngster even more.

Although Prandelli’s advice might actually be a positive input for Giovinco but the 24-years-old isn’t certain whether that move is possible again for the ex-Italy under 21 star since the player had very low respect in Turin. The Parma trequartista revealed also added that his chance in returning to Juventus is also not really up to him as the Bianconeri should definitely be the one taking the initiative in acquiring him back not the other way around.

“I do not know (about returning to Juve), it does not depend on me. In the summer there was talk of Juve redeeming me. I never believed that, I knew I would be staying in Parma. Closed argument? Nothing stays closed, but we need more clarity,” Giovinco stated. “There is one thing that hurt me in my career – not being able to show how well I could do at Juve. In Turin I did not received many beautiful words .”

In one part, returning to Turin and doing well there would definitely improved Giovinco even more as improving with big club usually takes a player step further on their technical abilities and also mental aspect. In a big club a footballer learned how to play under huge pressure since top clubs normally have high ambitions which goes along with the fans’ extreme expectations for the club to achieved success by the end of season.

However, in Giovinco’s case being serene and comfortable might be the thing that he could really uses more at the moment since it’s still not long ago before he face difficult time with Juventus, so being an important figure for Parma is pretty much what he needs. Maybe after he has fully rediscover his confidence, trying his luck with a big team would be a very interesting option for the trequartista as he might finally feel the urged to win important trophies in club level which he might not get with Parma.



photo credit: giovincofansite