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Gilardino Set To Extend Deal With Fiorentina

zweikampfBeing close to a departure last summer, Fiorentina’s main attacker, Alberto Gilardino apparently set to close down all of the rumors around him as the ex-Ac Milan player revealed his plan in extending his journey at Florence.

The Italian international, who was closely link with Genoa this entire summer, revealed that he is now considering to extend his contract with the club especially after having talks with the Viola’s president, Della Valle not long ago.

The conversation with the Fiorentina patron apparently managed to ease Gilardino’s feeling and the striker added that soon the discussion regarding the potential contract extension is set to take place. However, although already revealing his wish in staying with the Viola, the Italian international noted that just like any negotiation, things can only happened if both parties can agree with everything as obviously the ex-Milan player can’t confirmed whether the negotiation would ends up perfectly.

The transfer market is water under the bridge now. We have to talk about the present and that is Fiorentina.
I endured two or three difficult months for various reasons, but I have spoken with President Della Valle.
We’ll now meet again where we will discus a possible renewal to see if there are the conditions in place to reach an agreement,” Gilardino stated.

Gilardino’s contract actually will end in 2013, but obviously if no new agreement is being reached until at least next season, there’s a big chance that the Italian international will be leaving in 2012 for a pretty cheap transfer, especially if the striker received an interesting offer. Just as it was mentioned, this whole summer, the former Parma star was actually closely linked with Genoa but in the end the transfer failed to materialize, reportedly because the Griffone and Fiorentina failed to agree on the striker’s transfer fee.

The striker obviously isn’t bothered with his failed departure as the Italian international proved his professionalism by scoring for the Viola in the club’s opening match in Serie A against Bologna, which ended up with Fiorentina winning 2-0. Aside from Gilardino, there’s is also other important players who also looked to leave in the summer but ends up staying at the moment, such as Riccardo Montolivo and also Juan Manuel Vargas.


Creative Commons License photo credit: loop_oh