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Get Ready For Some Monday Night Futbol

Are you ready for some football? How about a Monday night party?

I apologize to anyone who is reading this blog that is not American or aware of the lyrics to my nation’s classic Monday Night Football song sung by the legendary Hank Williams Jr., but we Yanks love our football being played especially on Monday nights because it gives us something to do on the regularly dull first weeknight of the week.

And in Spain they too are licking their lips anticipating some awesome Monday Night Football as well, but the only difference is that they call it Monday Night Futbol and likely do not employ the terrible crooning of Hank Williams Jr. But on November 29th La Liga will offer fans of the most beautiful game a match-up far better than anything on ESPN or ABC.  Barcelona will host Real Madrid in the first leg of two El Clasico’s this season.

The match was originally set to be played one day before on the 28th of November, but the date coincided with the elections of parliament of Catalonia, so the league officials opted to move the match to the following night as a security measure for the city. Personally, I think they switched the date because they actually wanted Catalonians to vote this year and not just attend the match, but regardless of the politics behind the decision the match will be reserved for the special date and perhaps it will begin a new tradition in Spain that we all love over here in the States.

A statement on Real Madrid’s official website listed the new date for the highly anticipated match:

The football league has announced the matchday 13 clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid will be played on November 29 at 2100 local time. This is due to the 13th round coinciding with the elections for the parliament of Catalonia and the security problems that would create.