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Genoa President Considering Resignation After Ultras Incident

The weekend chaos in the game between Genoa against Siena might resulted in the resignation of the Griffone’s president, Enrico Preziosi, who has just stated that he is considering to leave the club should his not wanted anymore.

Preziosi however will only consider that decision by the end of this season as he is currently still focus on leading his side for the remaining five Serie A fixtures, which could still decide his club’s fate in the competition.

Although the incident on Sunday didn’t directly involved Preziosi but the fact that Genoa’s Ultras were making a scene by stopping the game for around 10 minutes, asking the players to remove their shirt because of their bad performance, simply shocked the patron. It’s not a secret that many Griffone die hard fans were disappointed with some of their president’s decision in selling their quality players to big clubs, notably Inter and Ac Milan every summer.

“I’ll continue to do my job until the conclusion of the campaign, then I’ll decide what to do in the future,” Preziosi said. “If I am not wanted here then it might be the best decision to take a backwards step.”

This statement is obviously a surprising one as despite have been receiving critics in the past couple of seasons, Preziosi always managed to calm things down and continue his job in building Genoa. In truth, the Griffone actually have a pretty good squad, but apparently inconsistency simply go to them, mainly this season where they can easily got beaten by teams who supposedly below their quality, such as what happened against Siena on Sunday.