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Genoa Confident In Acquiring Gilardino From Fiorentina

zweikampfAlberto Gilardino’s future with Fiorentina looking to reach its end as reports from Italy suggested that Genoa are really close in concluding a deal to prize up the striker from Artemio Franchi.

Confirming about the negotiation process, Genoa’s president, Enrico Preziosi, stated that everything is looking positive and an important meeting regarding the transfer is set to happen next week.

Preziosi himself revealed that he is confident that his club can seal the deal with Fiorentina especially since Gilardino himself is reportedly keen on playing for the Griffone this summer. Genoa’s high ambition in the market in the last few seasons seems to be something that turned the former Ac Milan striker’s interest as the Viola seems heading into the opposite track.

“There are negotiations for Gilardino. Nothing has been finalised yet, but next week will be decisive, as there is an important meeting planned. Am I optimistic? I’m always optimistic. We will do everything we can to bring Gilardino to Genoa,” Preziosi said. “As far as I know, the player wants to make the transfer and join us, so… With Gilardino, we would further raise the bar.”

Genoa’s good relationship with Fiorentina seems to be the main reason that makes the Griffone very optimistic with their chance in acquiring Gilardino’s signature, especially since the Viola are also looking to buy a player from Preziosi’s team. Also being confirmed by the Genoa’s president, Fiorentina are close to capture, Hosseine Kharja from the Marrasi oufit, with only personal details missing from concluding that deal.

Genoa’s high ambition in trying to acquire local big name player such as Gilardino seems to be part of Preziosi’s bid to redeem the fans’ anger for the president’s policy in selling their stars and potential talents to big clubs, especially the two Milan giants. The latest selling that reportedly infuriated the Griffone’s die hards were the sale of young talent, Stephan El Shaarawy to Ac Milan early in the summer, although the deal being made currently a co-ownership it’s believed that in the end the 18 years-old trequartista’s full ownership will be acquired by the Rossoneri.



Creative Commons License photo credit: loop_oh