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Gaucho Magica!

Whoever said that Ronaldinho’s playing days were over when he left Barcelona obviously did not foresee an eminent career for him in Italy. Truth be said this is one player who still excites even when he is not playing at his best. He has a charisma that is often associated with politicians.

His approach to the game is very appealing. Watching him against Atalanta over the weekend, brought back golden memories of the player who used to bring down the house with his cheeky no-look passes and unexpected flicks. He showed flashes of brilliance and it paid off towards the end of the game when he controlled a pass on his chest before sending it past the keeper.

It might be his first goal this season but it was also a life saver. Another loss for Milan would have been devasting to say the least. Gaucho is the kind of player who seems to score goals when they matter most. I believe this is the begining of many more goals to come.

No one has light up the scene in the past five years the way Ronnie did. He should not believe the lie that his career is over. It has only begun. Forza gaucho! Milan and Brazil still need you.