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Gattuso’s Bone To Pick With Milan

We have all seen his passionate performances for Milan and yet Genaro Gattuso is yet to cement his place in Leonardo’s new formation. The Brazilian is more suited to pairing Pirlo and Ambrossini in Midfield With Flamini coming next in his pecking order.

I personally feel that Leonardo is wasting such a good talent by keeping him on the bench. Although Gattuso is fighting to keep fit, he is the backbone of Milan. He is the person who gets the job done. If he does’t get the ball, he is most certainly going to get the player and that is the type of player that Milan need if they are going to provide a serious threat to the likes of Inter and Juventus in the title race.

The rumour mills have been ripe with a possible transfer of the Italy international to Manchester City in the January transfer window although Leonardo has been quick to refute such claims. This to me is just a rumour for i don’t see Rino walking out on the rossoneri after 11 years with the club.

Gattuso, who’s been having some bad fortune of late was yet again in the news a couple of weeks back when his car that was stolen was found across the border in Luxembourg. He has talked this matter over the coach and he is sure of getting back in the team. With the World Cup fast approaching, Gattuso will want to consistently play so that he can be picked as a member of the Italian national team.