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Galliani To Open Talks With Madrid For Pedro Leon

AC Milan are prepared to open up the cheque books again if reports from Italy and Spain are anything to go by. Apparently Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani, has scheduled meetings with Real Madrid for Pedro Leon.

Leon was one of the many Madrid summer signings and it still remains to be seen whether Milan will be able to snap up the witty midfielder. Milan’s up coming Champions League clash against Real Madrid could prove both parties with the opportune time to discuss the 23 year old’s future.

“If Real Madrid want to speak then I will try to get him,” Galliani told the press on Saturday.

If Milan do acquire Leon then it will bring some of Milan’s players’ careers in to question. Gattuso, Dinho and Seedorf although regular starters under Allegri, these players are believed to be nearing the end at the San Siro.

Ronaldinho is yet to renew his contract with the Rossoneri and Gattuso’s indifference is dearly costing them. Seedorf on the other hand just needs to call it a day. I mean seriously, Milan needs more agility and youth if they are to challenge Inter for the scudetto.

Prince would be the perfect replacement. The Ghanaian has proved that he does deserve a starting place in Milan’s line up and he many fans would welcome it.

That said, nothing is certain. We will have to wait and see how and if this move materialises.

Photo credit: from Jan S0L0