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Galliani To Meet City On Thursday For Tevez Talks

So the Carlos Tevez transfer saga is starting to get a little boring. Recent reports emerging say that the 27 year old is eager to join Milan despite City being totally against Milan’s loan plan.

AC Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani is set to meet City this Thursday in a final meeting that is intended to iron out all the contentious issues. According to Galliani, Tevez is happy with the results of their first meeting and the only real problem emanates from City’s hard stance on the striker’s final buying price.

While speaking to reporters, Galliani revealed that Milan he has a meeting arranged with Manchester City to discuss a possible transfer.

“On Thursday we have a meeting in London with the Citizens. It won’t be decisive though, to close the deal.

“It will be almost impossible to bring Tevez with us in Dubai [for the club’s winter training camp].”

Galliani also reiterated that Tevez did not want to join PSG but that rather Milan.

“The player wants to come here and not go to Paris Saint-Germain. He wants Milan and that’s that.

“We hope [that he will come], because he’s a player we really like and can give us a big lift.”

I definitely agree with Galliani’s last statement. A Tevez, Ibrahimovic and Robinho striking partnership is more than lethal, in fact, it is a little bit unfair. Tevez’s work rate is phenomenal.

That said, the major question in many people’s mind is whether Tevez is eligible to play in the Champions League. Technically, he is eligible to play for Milan in the Champions League as he had not yet featured for City in European action.

So this is good news for all Milan fans and terrible news for Arsenal fans who prepare to visit the San Siro next February in a repeat of the 2008 knock out stage fixture that Arsenal won.

A lot is riding on the Thursday meeting and both clubs are eager to see the talks conclude on favourable terms. Personally, i think it’s not a question of whether Tevez will join Milan, but rather if City will accept Milan’s offer.

Photo Credit © José L. Aragón