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Galliani Plays Down Milan-Ganso Possible Transfer

El Milán en Champions LeagueAc Milan’s interest on Brazilian starlet, Paulo “Ganso” Henrinque has been widely known and recent rumors have even speculated that the Rossoneri are very close in signing the Santos player in the summer with only official details left to seal everything.

However, trying to calm down the tension and excitement, Milan’s Vice President, Adriano Galliani, earlier today stated that his club so far hasn’t made an official offer towards the 21-years-old owner.

“We’ll talk about this if and when we make an official offer. There is no sense in discussing it right now,” Galliani answered at questions about Ganso’s possible transfer to Milan.

Complete with his usual mysterious smile, Galliani’s answer surely won’t be enough to close down rumors about Milan’s plan on bringing in the Brazilian talent in the summer, especially when there are reports that their director, Ariedo Braido, has already flown to Brazil as an attempt to finish the negotiation. However, one thing for sure, unless the Rossoneri managed to secure the Scudetto as soon as possible, the Red and Black squad’s management aren’t going to reveal anything regarding their summer transfer plan as it has always been their normal policy.

Milan’s connection with Ganso has actually started to spark since last season but things got complicated as the Brazilian talent picked up a serious injury earlier in the summer, that forced the Rossoneri in deciding to examine the player’s condition before making a bid. Recently, the 21-years-old Brazilian international, finally recovered from his knee problem and has already played few games with his club, Santos, and still managed to perform the talent he possessed before the injury.

That condition encouraged Milan to once again reveal their interest towards the young Brazilian, only this time they’re not actually alone as other Serie A teams have reportedly followed the Rossoneri’s track in planning to raid the Santos star. Reports from Italy suggested that the likes of Inter Milan and recently As Roma are also interested in prizing up the 21-years-old in the summer, not to mention several other European top sites that have the same idea, the hunt for the “Goose” will surely be one of the summer entertainment in the transfer market.


Creative Commons License photo credit: americanistadechiapas