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Galliani: Milan Open To Kaka Move

AC Milan Vice President Adriano Galliani seems to be sending out mixed messages as he refused to rule out a possible return for Real Madrid midfielder Kaka.

Galliani who less than a week ago rubbished reports that Milan would move to re-sign Kaka now seems to have had a change of heart. When asked by Tuttosport whether Milan would try and bring back their idol, this is what he had to say:

“A return for Kaka to AC Milan? Never say never.”

Now, should Milan sign Kaka then the question as to where he will play rises up. A common rumour doing the rounds is that Kaka could be Ronaldinho’s replacement.

Dinho is yet to put to rest talk concerning his future and with him yet to sign a contract extension, the prospect of Milan holding onto him longer than next summer grows dimmer and dimmer as the season progresses.

Galliani was a key player in negotiations that saw Ibrahimovic and Robinho join the Rossoneri last summer and pundits are foreseeing him using the same skills to bring back Kaka.

Kaka back in Milan would fantastic especially considering the fact that he never wanted to leave in the first place. However, at only 28, his best days are still ahead of him.

Madrid Paid 70 million Euros for Kaka but he has failed to live up to the billing with inuries and fitness problems being the main cause.  It’s not the level of his talent that raises doubt (because like we all know he is one of the most talented midfielders around today) however, his lack of fitness can be attibuted to a lack of motivation.

Ronaldinho had the same problem when joined Milan 2 years ago. His motivation levels were at an all time low and to make it worse former coach Carlo Ancelotti further compounded the problem b benching him.

Jose Mourinho has already publicly shown that he is not a big fan of Kaka and even after he recovers, the Brazilian will have to struggle for a starting place much like Dinho.

In my opinion, if Milan has the opportunity to re-sign Kaka, they should. I would rather worry about having a big pool of talented players to pick from than worry about which average players to chose.

Photo Credit: from José L. Aragón