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Furious Ranieri Still Confident on Staying at Inter

claudio ranieri bulgeInter Milan’s defeat against Napoli simply puts Claudio Ranieri’s future back under questions especially by the media, who have been speculating about the Tinkerman’s departure from Nerazzurri before this weekend.

The strong criticism apparently didn’t shut down Ranieri’s believes and strong will to keep his place in the club as he simply confident that Inter’s current slump is not all his fault, adding that he also have the same faith on the current squad.

I realise there are many sponsoring me to be replaced, but why should I take a step back? Why are you all waiting for me to resign? It’s not going to happen. I won’t resign because I believe in this team, they fought hard again tonight and that is all. If I were the President then I’d say I confirm Ranieri 100 per cent as it’s not his fault,” Ranieri said to the press.

Ranieri’s strong words pretty much showed that he is definitely under pressure at the moment as things simply isn’t going on his way again, as the team’s seven games winning run seems like a long time ago. The fast turn around obviously surprising for the tactician, but he is keeping his faith over his team’s potential and simply asking for more time to get things together again, something that usually isn’t common in Italian football.

Moreover, analyzing the situation, Ranieri revealed that he already tried his best in improving the team’s performance in the last two matches but things simply hasn’t happening yet for them. The tactician gave Inter’s last two games as an example of how he tried to improve the squad’s performance but apparently the different situation in both games simply halted the ex-Roma’s coach attempt in leading the Nerazzurri’s come back.

“Tonight we struggled against Napoli, whereas we had better chances against Marseille. There are positive and negative spells, while this was a Black February for us. We have some difficulties that we’ve talked about many times. I try to bring the best out of my lads and used the side that did well in Marseille, but in the first half we never really had the ball in the opposition half. The lads have worked so hard in training and we hope to emerge from this situation one game at a time,” Ranieri added.

It would be interesting to see whether Ranieri can really stay much more longer with Inter especially seeing at how impatient Massimo Morratti have been after the departure of Jose Mourinho. However, after already sacking Gian Piero Gasperini early in the season, changing another tactician for the remaining of season could be more troubling for the Nerazzurri.


photo credit: alexrossi43