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Frey Reveals Genoa’s Future Ambition

Guasi Guasi stasera paro un rigore :-PAn interesting statement arrives from Genoa’s new goal keeper, Sebastian Frey, who revealed that his club have a pretty high ambition in the near future which is reaching Champions League football.

Frey even stated that it was the thing which ensured him in choosing the Griffonne, as the club’s president, Enrico Preziosi, convinced the keeper that the Marassi outfit are heading into that direction.

However, Frey does admit that reaching that Champions League goal wouldn’t be the club’s main target this season as they must first build a much more stable and competitive squad before eventually belong in that zone. The French keeper does believe that in the future, Genoa will eventually able to be one of the challengers in grabbing at least the final spot for Champions football, although it won’t be easy since this season until probably few seasons to come, there will only be three places in qualifying for that competition.

“I joined Genoa because President Enrico Preziosi made me understand that they have big ambitions. I’m 31, but he offered me a five-year deal and that shows that he believes in me and the possibility of reaching the Champions League,” said Frey. “I tasted that competition with Fiorentina and I’m convinced that Genoa are just shy of reaching that level.We have to start building thi

It remains to see whether Frey’s words can actually come true in the future as in terms of transfer strategy, Genoa usually always makes some significant breakthrough in acquiring new players each summer. However, there’s always some doubts about the club’s high ambition, since they normally sold their top talents to bigger clubs, notably two Milan teams, Ac Milan and Inter Milan, in the last few seasons.


Creative Commons License photo credit: fabbio