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French Club Refuses To Activate Gay Footballer

A homosexual French footballer was denied registration to a French amateur football club simply because the team elected to avoid any potential trouble that could occur between the man and his teammates. The decision has prompted a gay soccer organization to protest the decision and the group is demanding that the FFF punishes the club, FC Chooz, for their harsh and prejudice decision.

The organization cleverly named, Paris Foot Gay, believes that the football club should be handed out sanctions for their refusal to allow the man to play and the organization hopes “to help the football world to realize that homophobia is as bad as racism and anti-Semitism.” The homosexual footballer has played for the amateur club for fourteen straight seasons, but was denied to do so this year because of the club’s fear that he would become an outcast due to his sexual preference.

And in modern day sports, homosexuality is still among the worst problems around and is rarely accepted. As bad as racism still is in select venues, the concept of a gay professional athlete is still too much for most major sports to accept and fully embrace. I’m sure plenty of excellent footballers in the past were gay and even in sports considered more rugged and physical like American football or rugby a few players have recently come out of the closet, but usually when the person does admit that they are gay it is long after their playing days are done and I don’t believe any active NFL player has ever admitted they were gay while they were still on a team.

Sports teams are similar to a close knit family and their are boundaries of trust that exist between all the players. If a player were to admit that they are homosexual after playing for a squad for several years that supposed trust could often be considered breached by the rest of the team. It is a bit childish and silly considering the fact that the best athletes should be on the pitch regardless of their race, gender, religious beliefs, or sexual preference, but in the modern day sporting culture not much has changed regarding that final topic and in a locker room environment I think the issues of homosexuality become magnified.

As I said before I’m sure plenty of Hall of Fame caliber athletes in the past were in fact gay and likely repressed admitting this simply to fit in with the rest of the team, but unfortunately I don’t think we will see a major athlete come out of the closet and admit that they are homosexual anytime soon simply because the sporting world is not ready to embrace such a notion. And with endorsement deals and their personal and professional reputation hanging in the balance, the easy decision for a professional athlete to make is to say nothing at all regarding the issue.

But who knows maybe one day this will all change.