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France's World Cup Preview: The Debate

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Creative Commons License photo credit: kevindooley

The Glass is Half Full

Henry, Ribery, Anelka, Benzema, Gourcouff, Malouda, Evra, Gallas.  In other words France has the big names and they also have more depth then just about any other squad playing in the Cup this summer.  They also have a nice blend of experienced Cup players and young budding stars that are ready for the big stage.  But most importantly they are (historically) one of the best nations at football and they regularly make a run at taking home the title.  In fact very few teams have played in as many finals and semi-finals as France has.  And in the last 20 years very few teams have achieved the type of record that France has.  And the good news is that they already survived a near-death experience once this year, so in other words they have nothing left to fear. 

The Glass is Half Empty

France is lucky to be in the Cup and maybe if Harry Carey wasn’t one of the refs of that playoff against Ireland then the call would have been made correctly.  Not only did Henry blatantly swat the ball to set up the advancing goal, but before the play transpired their were multiple players meters offsides.  France is supposed to be a good enough team that they don’t need faulty refs to save them in a playoff match, but the club had a less then spectacular WCQ and that was how they ended up in the tournament.  I think they have a target on their backs now not only by the opposing teams that will desperately want to beat the lucky squad, but maybe by FIFA as well.  And if you believe in the Gods of Football then you know France will be dealt some terrible luck in a critical match.  Hopefully if a team suffers a devastating loss thanks to a lack of instant replay it is France.  And then at least FIFA will be forced to consider the way they do things.