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France Survives Qualifier

It always makes me laugh a little bit when you see two national players that play so well together play against one another in league play.  It is one of those odd things we just don’t really have here in the States.  I mean I guess stars play together in All Star games and what not, but not as zany as the way it works in European football.

Karim Benzema and Thierry Henry are a classic example of two fantastic players from the same country that play for rival teams in a foreign league.  The two Frenchmen must sometimes be left scratching their head wondering if the their partner in crime is a friend or foe, but one common characteristic the two forwards share is a knack for scoring outstanding goals.

France would cruise to a 3-1 victory over Austria on Wednesday and the result was good enough that France will move int0 one of the playoff spots that will battle for a right to advance to South Africa next summer.  France has had a shaky Qualifier, but their two key forwards both scored in the first half and both were rewarded with a second half substitute towards the end of the match.

I find the duo of Benzema and Henry to especially be intriguing because Henry is nearing the end of his career in La Liga; whereas Benzema’s bright future in Spain has just begun.  It is one of the many reasons why Barcelona-Real Madrid is among the greatest rivalries in world football because that is exactly it. 

It’s not just Spanish football it is a league of players from all over the world.