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Former Spain National team coach Luis Aragones shares his thoughts ahead of Spain vs Portugal match

Former Spain National team coach, Luis Aragones, went on to share his thoughts on the following match between Portugal and Spain as he went on to have some negative remarks toward his old team. Whether or not he just dislikes Del Bosque and feels the need to talk about the way he has coached the team is not known but to not have much faith in your countries ability who were favored to win the World Cup, you would have to think that Aragones has some personal issues perhaps.

Aragones does not feel that Spain will have much of a chance in reaching the quarter finals and says that if Portugal take over possession of the ball then Spain will be all but done.

Aragones went on to say the following to Spain reporters Marca :

“I am not very optimistic because I see Portugal as a very good national team. It will be difficult. Portugal have an extraordinary team and Spain are improving little by little. Our virtue is, fundamentally, to have possession of the ball. If Portugal figure out how to take that from us, they will be able to beat us.”

Although this might be the same Spain that Aragones was working with when he was coach, he still feels that the squad fails to reach to their potential and for that reason will fail to make anymore progression in the World Cup. Aragones continued with the following :

“It is the same Spain, but in the beginning stages of the tournament, they have not been at their height. They have been missing speed of the ball and possession. Defensively, Portugal are nearly perfect. In attack, they could use a bit more. But we know they can score goals from their 7-0 win against North Korea and they need to be considered when talking about World Cup winners. Cristiano Ronaldo is great. He can win any match in one or two moments thanks to his ability. He is an extraordinary footballer.

I personally don’t see Spain losing against Portugal and the only hope of Portugal winning the match is if they play the counter-attack game and leaving Ronaldo with maybe Simao up-top to counter-attack with speed. Playing an attacking game against Spain will really only assure them possession of the ball but if you allow them to make their mistakes and you do an extraordinary job defending, their is no doubt in my mind that any-team can take advantage of beating the former World Cup favorites.

However, Spain has been looking more sharper since their debut against Switzerland that saw them lose the first game but still need to take advantage of their chances if they are looking to go a long way in the World Cup. With the squad pretty much fit again to play against Portugal, they have no excuses if they are unable to come out victorious against Ronaldo and company.

How do you see the Portugal vs Spain match turning out? Think Spain can still be considered favorites to win the Cup? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.