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Former Spain coach Aragones examines Spains 1-0 loss to Switzerland

After a stunning upset having to witness Spain lose to Switzerland earlier in the week, former Spain National team head-coach, Luis Aragones, went on to share his feelings on the disappointing 1-0 loss.

Spain were definitely looking sluggish through-out the match despite dominating most of the possession, however Aragaones feels that the reason why the squad couldn’t create many chances is because the squad that was fielded in the match, were not their best possible squad and for that reason it was a tough blow for Spain not to come out with the Victory.

Luis Aragones went on to say the following :

“There wasn’t enough conviction to go and seize the game from the opening second. We lacked speed off the ball, and we didn’t look for open space well enough. The better team didn’t win, just the better organized one..”

Spaniard midfielder Xavi Hernandez was also upset about the loss as he felt that the team just simply did not create as many chances as they should have despite dominating the possession throughout the match.

Xavi went on to say the following :

“The team didn’t create as many chances as usual, but it dominated the play. The ball just didn’t go in. We weren’t decisive enough around the goal. That was the story of the game.”

However, despite the poor display of Spain, Xavi is still hopeful that they will be able to turn things around in their next match against Honduras and continued with the following :

“These things happen, you need to stay calm and keep working the same way because it still depends on us.”

Spain will look to face Honduras on June 21st, 2:30 pm eastern time at Ellis Park in which they will need pick up a win for they can advance into the next stage.

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