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Former Madrid President Arrested

Well so far this season it has been current Real Madrid president Florentino Perez that has made several headlines with his aggressive tactics in landing many of the games greatest stars and his desire for a new Super league, but this last week it was former president Lorenzo Sanz who made all the gossip columns, but for all the wrong reasons. 

Sanz has been arrested by Spanish police for his role in the illegal export of artworks which was linked to a bid attempt in 2005 to buy Italian Serie A club Parma.  Sanz attempt at buying the club fell through and apparently the sixty-six year old attempted to use over seven million dollars worth of artworks as part of the collateral for the purchase of the squad.  This is apparently considered illegal and Sanz will soon be facing charges for the crime.

Sanz ran Real Madrid from 1995 to 2000 and over that time span the president saw his franchise win two European Cups, but the president was eventually replaced with Florentino Perez where the squad saw many improvements due to the signing of elite star players including David Beckham.  The former president has been out of the game for nearly a decade now and it looks like it will remain that way.

Once again this looks like a case of someone having so much money that they got themselves into trouble.  I do not know where this crime rates on the Thomas Crown Affair level of art work crimes, but it seems like the punishment may be severe considering that Spanish police has been investigating the incident for over a year now.

We will let you know any developing stories down the road.