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Former La Liga defender Fernando Caceres in grave condition

Former Valencia and Zaragoza defender Fernando Caceres was shot in the head Sunday morning in his homeland of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Caceres remains in grave condition with a bullet wound to the brain.  The former Argentina national squad member was the victim of a car jacking and he apparently refused to exit his BMW at the time of the crime.  As of Monday afternoon (eastern U.S. time)  it was being reported that the former 1994 World Cup player was in a coma. 

The story is tragic for many reasons, the most obvious being the rampant amount of crime that occurs in places like Argentina’s capital.  Many Argentine stars have complained of this lack of safety they feel in public places in their homeland.  Unfortunately, in some cases these player’s great success on the football pitch comes at a price off of it.  Something needs to be done to protect athletes from becoming targets for criminal activity.  It seems that Caceres is another victim of this type of targeting crime.

As for Caceres’ La Liga career, he played five seasons and made over 140 appearances in Spain.  From 1993 to 1996 Caceres was a member of  Real Zaragoza.  1994 was likely the highlight year of his La Liga career as Zaragoza won the Spanish Cup and Caceres also played in the World Cup for Argentina who was knocked out in the second round.  The following year Zaragoza won the UEFA Cup Winners Cup as well.  Then after one season back in Argentina with the Barca Juniors, Caceres rejoined La Liga and played for Valencia from 1996-1998.