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Former AC Milan Boss Leonardo Points Finger At Berlusconi

Former AC Milan boss Leonardo recently admitted that “something is not right” with the legendary organizations owner, Silvio Berlusconi.

Leonardo, who coached at Milan for only one season before leaving to be replaced by Massimiliano Allegri, said that it was his negative relationship with the often outspoken owner that forced him away from the supposedly Brazilian-friendly squad.

Leonardo decided to clear the air and admitted that Berlusconi was the real problem and the former star footballer doesn’t think that Milan’s coaching carousel will slow down anytime soon. The Brazilian told Gazzetta dello Sport this revelation about his brief experience as the popular team’s manager:

I never would’ve left after 13 years because of simply tactical reasons, especially as now Milan are playing in much the same way. I made the decision to leave, giving up on a year’s wages in my contract, so that I’d go in the best possible way. I left because of an incompatibility of character and style. These are all things I told the president. Narcissus doesn’t like anything that is not a reflection of himself.

There has to be something within Berlusconi that isn’t quite right. It’s impossible to co-exist with the president. He has another style of dealing with things and I don’t know why he criticised me so much during Massimiliano Allegri’s presentation. Something’s not right with that man.

Allegri has a tough job and I hope he is left the time and space to work, otherwise in a year the club will get another coach. It isn’t the Milan way to keep changing management like this.

An interesting quote from one of AC Milan’s most respected modern day former players. And the relationship between owners and their coaches is always an underrated part of the dynamic of a club in any sport and the potential problems that can occur between the two parties has been magnified several times already this year and in some cases even before the season has begun. Aston Villa and Martin O”Neill had a classic clash the week before the season began because of this type of thing and apparently Leonardo wasn’t the only one to run into this sort of thing at Milan.Carlo Ancelotti of Chelsea suffered from a similar dilemma while Milan’s coach under Berlusconi as well and the coach has moved onto more successful achievements in England.

But Leonardo admitted that the negative coaching experience hasn’t steered him away from considering coming back soon to the post. The World Cup winning footballer admitted that coaching at Inter would be a dream move that he wouldn’t ever rule out, but it appears the former Milan man has his sights set on England:

I’ve known (Inter owner) Massimo Moratti for years and we always had an affectionate rapport. Never say never. I would like to work in England, where the role of manager allows a comprehensive control over the sporting product, rather than the Serie A coach. I will spend a lot of time in England this year.×600/AC-Milan-Leonardo_2354093.jpg