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Football Club's starting to ban vuvuzelas from Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur were the first among the EPL clubs to ban the Vuvuzela’s from the stadium after all the commotion it had caused at the World Cup in South Africa and now it seems like more teams are starting to following in the foot-steps of Tottenham as they went on to ban the instruments as well. After many fans and public viewers complained about the Vuvuzela’s because of it’s loud and annoying sound, some clubs are preparing themselves ahead of time in case people decide to bring the South African tradition into their culture.

So which clubs have joined Tottenham in banning the Vuvuzela’s from the stadium?

Arsenal and Birmingham city have now decided to follow in the foot-steps of Tottenham and ban vuvuzela’s from entering their stadium. With Tottenham already releasing the statement that had said they have banned the vuvuzela from their stadium, Arsenal and Birmingham City went on to join the 4th place finishers and ban them as well.
“Further to their hugely debated involvement at this summer’s World Cup finals in South Africa, Arsenal Football Club has decided to forbid the use of vuvuzelas within Emirates Stadium with immediate effect. This decision has been taken to ensure the enjoyment and safety of supporters on matchdays, which is of paramount importance to the club.” Read a statement from the club.
As for Birmingham city, the following was stated on their official club site :
“Blues can confirm that supporters will not be allowed to bring vuvuzelas into St. Andrew’s on match-days. The club took into account feedback from both supporters and relevant bodies such as the Safety Advisory Committee and have made the decision on health and safety grounds. An overwhelming majority of Blues supporters said they didn’t want vuvuzelas to be allowed at St Andrew’s.”

I don’t blame clubs that starting to ban the vuvuzela’s from their stadium because those things are just simply too annoying. I understand that it was a cultural thing in South Africa and is why I voted not to ban it from the World Cup in South Africa, but to try and bring their tradition into the English Premier League or any league I can’t not agree with. Many leagues around the world already have their support groups in which they already established a way of cheering their own team. Having to bring the vuvuzelas only because it was a world topic at one point is just pointless and should not be tolerated by any of the clubs. Banning the loud annoying pipes from each stadium is something that all clubs should enforce.
What’s your take on all this? Think the vuvuzela should be banned from La Liga clubs as well?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.