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Flamengo Choose Ronaldinho And Sack Luxemburgo

Sack Vanderlei Luxemburgo or part ways with Ronaldinho? That was the choice Flamengo president Patricia Amorim had to make yesterday as she picked the star player over the 59 year old tactician.

It is not quite certain why Luxemburgo was sacked, however, many believe that his icy relationship with Ronaldinho was a major factor that led to his dismissal. The former Real Madrid and Brazil coach was rumoured to be on his way out of the Rio based club as early as Wednesday, however, Amorim gave him a sly vote of confidence before sacking him 24 hours later.

“We won the match [against Real Potosi] and Flamengo consolidated their Copa Libertadores project,” Amorim told Globoesporte.

“Before the game, some news emerged. We had not signed any coach yesterday [Wednesday]. Until today [Thursday], Luxemburgo was the coach. I did not deny it [his sacking] in any way. It was a communication misunderstanding. We spoke with Luxemburgo and we understood how difficult the atmosphere was. The conclusion from that meeting was to dismiss the coach.”

The club’s decision to stand by Ronaldinho who had previously refused to play until the issues surrounding his wages was resolved despite being include in the Luxemburgo’s starting 11 seemed to have been the last straw for the aging tactician.

Now it is easy to understand what Mourinho means when he says he is being undermined by Real.

Anyway, under Luxemburgo’s terms of service, he is entitled to a €1.3 million compensation as a result of his sacking, however, what is shocking is that the club have entered into talks with him to lower his severance pay.

This is very interesting. First Flamengo unjustly sack Luxemburgo then they refuse to give him what he is due. I wonder how they will approach this very emotional subject seeing that they are already $2.1 million behind on their pay to Ronaldinho.

However, for a club that is willing to sack their coach just to make one of it’s players happy, Flamengo is more than committed to Ronaldinho but the question remains, does Dinho have the patience to bank on their empty promises?

Photo Credit © gtarna