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Fire Your Agent Fernando!

Athletes and sports agents have a strange relationship.  Take the movie Jerry Maguire for example.  In the film Jerry (Tom Cruise) is always catering to his only famous client’s every need, but in the end his loyalty is rewarded with a new contract for the aging diva, Rod Tidwell (played by Cuba Gooding Jr.) 

Athletes and agents relate in a very personal way much like a wife and husband.  In both cases honesty, loyalty, and picking your battles wisely is a basic measure of how well the relationship will go.  Lie to your client too many times or promise them the world and only show up with an MLS contract and you could be out the door.  Athletes are not known for letting their guard down so if they do then you better not blow it Mr. Agent. 

But we all mistakes, right?

Well Fernando Gago’s agent was one of those gentleman who made a mistake recently.  It wasn’t a glaring error or any type of decimal mistake in his player’s personal bank account.  In fact if  Marcelo Lombilla made any mistake at all it was that he was too honest about his client’s current state. 

Gago is currently a bench warmer for Real Madrid and the star center midfielder has been left out in the cold for the likes of Xabi Alonso this season.  Gago has only started two matches all season long.

But Lombilla made the mistake of divulging too much information about his client’s unhappiness regarding being a bench warmer:

For me it doesn’t make sense to have a player who is not happy at his club, who isn’t playing. Gago, when he’s not playing, is sat at home crying.

Crying at home?  Talk about embarrassing the guy.  Why not mention how he holds his blanky and wipes his tears away with a teddy bear?  I understand that many of these athletes do not stray from expressing their emotions, but openly telling the world that you client is a cry baby seems to be a pretty bizarre way to show you care about somebody.

There is no word on where Gago could end up once the transfer window opens back up, but look for the midfielder to go somewhere else soon.  And there is also no word yet on whether or not his teddy bear will accompany him on the trip.