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Fiorentina Opens New Chapter As They Part Ways With Mihajlovic

O FiorentinaSinijsa Mihajlovic, finally must end his adventure with Fiorentina after failing to consistent result for Fiorentina in the last few Serie A matches, which caused the Viola getting into a crisis period after facing another defeat last weekend.

The Viola’s management, couldn’t bare any more time as they confirmed Delio Rossi as their new tactician, who will start his adventure right after the international break with a contract set until June 30, 2013, a pretty normal time line for a new coach in Italian football.

Mihajlovic’s seat has been disputed since the start of season as many Fiorentina fans have been voicing out their disappointment towards the former Inter Milan player since the young tactician didn’t do that well in his first season. Reports also claim that Miha’s inability to continue Cesare Prandelli’s work in building the Viola as an at least exciting team in Serie A, pretty much become the ultimate thing that enraged the tifosi, who have been spoil with quality performances in recent times.

The appointment of Delio Rossi is also a pretty unique surprising decision but could actually be the perfect choice for Fiorentina as the former Palermo coach had plenty experience in guiding a strong mid-up table team such as the Viola at the moment. Rossi’s ability to create an exciting team such as visible from his Lazio or Palermo’s side, could very well suited the Florence based side, who actually have a pretty interesting squad list, consisting players such as Riccardo Montolivo, Juan Vargas, Alberto Gilardino, Mattia Cassani, Stevan Jovetic, Andrea Lazzarri and also Adam Llajic.

It would be interesting to see on how quick Rossi can create a chemistry with his player to form a good team like what many Fiorentina fans have been wanting since the departure of Prandelli to the Italian national team couple seasons ago. The ex-Palermo tactician has an advantage as he arrived during an international break, meaning he has some time to know some of the players, who didn’t get a call up from their national teams, and prepare them for the upcoming match, which unfortunately won’t be easy as the Viola will be facing Ac Milan.

Creative Commons License photo credit: acaaron816