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Fiorentina Demands Montolivo’s Quick Decision

O FiorentinaThe future of Fiorentina captain, Ricardo Montolivo, still hangs in the balance as the Italian international still hasn’t decide whether he would stay with the club or accept other teams offers instead.

Acknowledging the unpleasantness of the situation, the Viola’s coach, Sinijsa Mihajlovic, asked Montolivo to immediately make up his mind as the tactician doesn’t want the captain’s unclarity effect the team’s plan next season.

“The moment has come for Montolivo to decide and say yes or no. We need to know in order to plan for next season. We cannot wait another 15-20 days for Riccardo’s decision,” Mihajlovic said.

Reports said that the main issues that made Montolivo considering a move away from the Viola is because the club doesn’t have a high ambition for next summer, something that completely different from what the Italian international had in mind. It’s been known that the former Atalanta youth player is eager to improve his personal achievement by winning something as being considered as one of Italy’s brightest talents few years ago, so far Montolivo still hasn’t managed to fulfill his premise.

However, Mihajlovic himself has confirmed that Montolivo’s dream might still be a difficult thing to achieve next summer as the tactician revealed that Fiorentina’s target won’t be to challenge for the Scudetto. Miha added that getting into European football and also becoming one of the best 5-7 teams in Serie A would already be more than acceptable goal for the Viola, who did have a really difficult time earlier this season.

“The club’s plans have always been the same. Nobody ever talked about winning the Scudetto, but rather of reaching Europe and being among the top 5-7 teams in Italy,” Mihaljovic added.

Looking at Miha’s statement it seems like Montolivo might finally opted a move away from the Fiorentina as his eagerness in playing an important role in a title challenging team seems unstoppable, considering he already entering the golden age of his footballing career. The Italian international has been criticized of becoming very inconsistent in the last few seasons, the fact that he hasn’t really have any competition in getting a starting line up in the Viola is also being considered as the cause of his failure in improving his quality.

With important clubs such as Juventus, Inter Milan and also Bayern Munich are reportedly very keen in acquiring Montolivo’s signature, the chance for the midfielder in staying in Fiorentina looks very small indeed. Latest rumors also suggested that Bayern would be the most favorites out of those interested clubs as Fiorentina would be much more keen in selling their captain to clubs outside of Serie A.


Creative Commons License photo credit: acaaron816