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FIGC Opposed To Euro 2012 Rematch

The Italian FA is opposed to a rematch with Serbia following the suspension of their Euro 2012 qualifier after fan trouble. Last week’s qualifier was abandoned after only 6 minutes after fans led by ‘Ivan the terrible’ started causing trouble even before the match got underway.

FIGC general director Antonello Valentini in his own words said that having a rematch would be like giving Serbia ‘a gift’.

“UEFA have asked the Serbian Federation for a report,” “So far, they have not asked us for anything. We have sent them the (video) images.”

European football governing body UEFA have already opened an investigation into the matter and have the power to award Italy a 3-0 win. The case will however be heard on October 28th.

Italy’s reactions come after Serbia said that it intended to request UEFA for a rematch.  Serbian Football President Tomislav Karadzic said that they intended to ask UEFA for a rematch.

“We’ll ask for match to be replayed. That would be (in the spirit of) fair play. But, currently, those are just our wishes.”

Italian FIGC President Giancarlo Abete however counter those claims saying that they are totally free of any crime.

“The FIGC believes that it has fully carried out its duty,’ “We have sent UEFA the video of what happened,” said Abete. “The European governing body could ask the two federations for a report that, alongside the report of the referee and of the UEFA delegate, will form the basis of the decision that will have to be taken by the disciplinary commission.”

Photo credit: from Fotoblitz1