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FIFA’s Voting System For Hosting Nation Comes Into Question

British Sunday Times recently reported in a shocking revelation that FIFA executive committee members Amos Adamu and Reynald Temarii both offered to sell their FIFA 2018 and 2022 hosting nation secret ballot votes away for millions of dollars of cash and other gifts from the undercover reporters that were posing as lobbyists.   

The two officials are scheduled to appear before the governing body’s ethics panel on December 2nd. And the news is quite sobering considering that it suggests that these types of things regularly happen. You hear of corruption in football federations all the time including Nigeria’s recent woes in the last month with several key officials being removed from office including the president. But when it is happening on the highest of levels at FIFA then it should not be so surprising that it is happening everywhere else as well.

This fascinating report is further proof that maybe FIFA does in fact need more robots. The anti-robot organization claims that soccer is a human sport and therefore should only have humans officiating it. I find this to be odd because if there are better options available (ex. Video replay) then why not use it to your advantage. The same apparently should go for the voting committees and federation officials as well. Perhaps computers should decide who gets to host the World Cup.

The committee could enter the nations and give each one a rating supporting their odds of winning the lottery. Then the five most suitable teams could be selected at random by a computer system that weighs each category that the federation presents to the machine.

Of course I’m only joking about this although it is clear they need a new system in place because the current system obviously allows too much political corruption and greed into the equation. At least with a computer system you wouldn’t have to worry about kickbacks and bribes being involved in the choice.