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FIFA’s Bad Officials Overlooked for Final Matches

FIFA has brought in a familiar face to do a little bit of cleaning up due to the mess the officials recently made with two lousy calls in a span of just a few hours.

And although Donald Trump isn’t a FIFA board member his popular catchphrase is probably being thrown around by the organization’s members recently.  FIFA has not officially fired any of the refs that have blown huge calls yet, but the organization did overlook the controversial zebras for the next round of matches.

Uruguay’s Jorge Larrionda (the Lampard no goal guy) and Italy’s Roberto Rosetti (the Tevez offsides guy) were both not picked for the next round of knockout matches and the two refs will join Koman Coulibaly of Mali (the USA no goal guy) and French ref Stephane Lannoy (the Kaka red card guy) most likely at the unpopular kid’s lunch table for the duration of the tournament.  The blacklisted officials’ blunders have created a frenzy of articles written worldwide demanding that FIFA consider the addition of instant replay or goal line technology to cure such erroneous calls. 

And as I’ve stated before I don’t think it is fair to simply pin all of the blame on the spurned officials.  Although the two calls from last round (or lack there of) were in fact terrible I still think the real problem lies within FIFA itself.  That is the whole point to this goal line technology and instant replay debate.  There is simply too much going on out there and the game is so quick that it is easy to miss any of these types of things (yes, even the ball going into the net). 

But if a system was in place that allowed critical calls to be overturned then the game would only benefit from such a new and exciting element. 

And who would be the perfect person to be in charge of such a powerful position as the video surveillance official.  You guessed it.  Donald Trump himself.  After all the press box is the perfect place for the man of power.  Also it’s a wind free environment.