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FIFA’s 22 Man Committee Part 2

Yesterday we had a look at 11 of the 22 men who will be deciding which nations gets the rights to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. Today, we will be continuing with our series profiling the remaining 11 men.

Senes Erzik

Mr Erzik is the honorary president of the Turkish Football Federation.This former marketing executive joined FIFA in 1996. He is a big fan of Dutch legend Johann Cruyff and is expected to vote for the Holland-Belgium 2018 bid.

Chuck Blazer

Chuck Blazer is famously known as one of the Manchester United Owners, however, what is not also known about Mr. blazer is that he is a member of it 24 (now 22) man executive committee. He is the general secretary of the CONCACAF football association. He has been a member of FIFA for the last 14 years and he also doubles up as the chair of its marketing and television board.

Worawl Makudi

Mr. Makudi is the general secretary of the THAI Football Federation. He has been a member since 1997.

Nicolas Leoz

The 82 year old Paraguayan is the head of the South American confederation CONMEBOL. His favourite footballing moment like many of us is Argentina’s 2-1 quarter final victory over England in the 1986 tournament.

Juni Ogura

Mr. Ogura is the senior vice president of the Japanese Football Association. He is said to be a big fan of England legend and bid ambassador Sir Bobby Charlton.

Mario Lefkaritis

Mr. Lefkaritis is a Cypriot and has been a member of FIFA since 2007. He is believed to have close ties with Britain.

Jacques Anouma

Mr. Anouma is the President of the Ivory Coast football Association. He has been a member of the executive committee since 2007.

Franz Beckenbauer

Mr. Beckenbauer is a German footballing legend and the one responsible for Germany hosting the 2006 tournament. Beckenbauer will however quit his job in May next year to allow him to spend time with his children.

Rafael Salguero

Mr. Salguero is the Vice Chairman for the CONCACAF rgion and has been a member of FIFA for 3 years.

Hany Abo Rida

Mr. RIda is a former Egyptian international and African Football organiser. He joined FIFA last year.

Vitaly Musko

Mr.Musko is Russia’s sports minister and the former head of  Russian Football. He is a close ally of President Vladmir Putin. He has been a member since 2009.

Photo credit: from galeria_futbolera