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FIFA World Cup Vote Expected To Stay On Schedule

Despite the fact that FIFA officials are currently being investigated for bribery and collusion allegations involved with allegedly attempting to sell their the 2018 and 2022 World Cup secret ballot votes, the international football committee is still expected to proceed with their official balloting this December 2nd in Zurich.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter recently admitted that the fact that they are voting for two Cups rather then one this December was probably not “the right decision” made by the organization, but the president continued to show his blind loyalty of the current system set in place by claiming that “there was never a question of changing anything in the procedure.”

FIFA reportedly wanted to select both Cups at the same time to create package deals for sponsorships, but the decision made for potential financial gain has opened up a floodgate of possibilities of corruption with 2 out of the 26 “respected” panelists being caught in the last month on videotape offering to sell their votes for money given to them directly. The remaining 24-member committee will select the destination on December 2nd, but this entire experience will likely cause controversy regardless of the destinations selected because so much is at stake for some of these nations.

The fact that Blatter would openly announce that their was “never a question of changing anything in the procedure” is ridiculous considering the organization is currently under investigation. To think that this expose by the Britain Sunday Times is the only such case of scandal that has ever existed is criminal in itself and obviously the voters and their fixed system should be properly evaluated and investigated considering what they were caught doing was against the law.

Much like goal line technology, FIFA appears to be stuck in their ways of doing things and when the suggestion of changing their format comes up they appear to be very rigid. If Blatter “wants a more attractive World Cup” then he should start with his own committee first and worry about the on the pitch issues sometime around 2013.