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FIFA Will Review Goal Line Technology

After - Van Persie's penalty against FulhamThe issue of goal line technology is no emergency in FIFA‘s eyes. The debate and possible institution of a goal line video ruling will be assessed in October and wasn’t pushed up to this week’s meeting like many fans of the most beautiful game were hoping.

FIFA, who remained rigid and unapologetic on the poor officiating performed early in the Cup, know that something needs to be done and FIFA president Sepp Blatter broke the silence late in the World Cup when he apologized to Mexico and England for poor officiating that resulted in losses for the two teams.

The subject of goal line technology became extremely popular following England’s heartbreaking loss to the Germans. A goal from Lampard would have tied the match up heading into halftime and potentially resulted in 45 different minutes then the dismal effort put out by the Three Lions.

And hopefully in October when the subject is reviewed the right choice is made regarding goal line technology in World Cup soccer. The tournament is too brief not to allow every goal to count and missing such a crucial detail to a match is unacceptable in the modern day with cameras the size of microchips and flat screen monitors the size of living room walls. In other words the technology is there and it would only be instituted in the most obvious of forms.

And hopefully the successful institution of goal line technology will be the first stepping stone to more instant replay correctional methods down the road.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Roubicek