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FIFA Praises World Cup Despite Stinging Criticism

For some it was a good tournament and to others, it was the worst FIFA World Cup ever staged. Sure South Africa 2010 had its fair share of blunders, however, what many people fail to understand is that South Africa was not responsible for the Jabulani or the incompetent refereeing. It is only unfortunate that on its maiden appearance on the Continent of Africa, many will remember the World Cup for all the wrong reasons.

One man who does not share in these sentiments is Jerome Valcke. According to the FIFA Secretary General, the 2010 World Cup ‘set the standards’ and will be used as a benchmark for all their other tournaments.

“Hosting the event in South Africa proved to be a huge success,” Valcke said to AP. “I think that we can say that South Africa brought a new benchmark in terms of the World Cup.

“During the 31 days [of the World Cup], there was not a single day when we had a big problem, where we had a crisis. For FIFA, it was a unique experience and we will use this experience for 2014 and all the World Cups we have in the future.”

To be honest, as much as the World Cup was a success, the football did not excite save for a few matches. This year’s edition was dull and cannot match Korea/Japan 2002 or France 98. The commercialising of the sport might be to blame but then again the players just do not play with heart anymore.

Photo credit: from uskup