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FIFA Becomes Robotic

FIFA is installing a new online monitoring system that is used to regulate international soccer transfers. Sepp Blatter the organization’s president said that the revolutionary monitoring system “is a historic moment for football.”

The reason why this new system will be so important for the game is because it keeps a documented record of every global soccer transaction that happens. In other words both sides must agree to the deal online and, thus, dispel any potential false notions about the arranged deal by mutually accepting it online. So in the end teams would no longer bicker about what they were promised for a star transfer because the info would be cemented on the world wide web. Also shady owners could not find get-rich-quick schemes of money laundering their transfer fees through fake players which is apparently a common crime in the world of football. In other words the online system would guarantee the authenticity of every deal made by both parties involved and keep a documented record of each and every transaction that took place.

And as a whole I support the idea, but then again I also support the idea of goal line technology and video instant replay review as well. After all these things are often called “robotic” by well respected former presidents of FIFA, so how is an online monitoring system that finalizes the presented transfer deals any different or less robotic then a camera perched on a goal post? It truly is a strange way FIFA has at looking at instant replay, but I guess they are getting with the times a little bit. The committee has claimed that their new monitoring system (which can complete transfer moves in just 7 minutes rather then 90 through the old means of paperwork) is the wave of the future and groundbreaking in the technological world of sports management.

And I am glad they too are beginning to see the positive side of the world of “robots”. In fact let’s take a look at every we use today that is all thanks to the “robots” that make our lives easier. The Internet that I am writing on right now is robotic. Have you ever flown on a plane to another destination? Pretty robotic experience. Watched TV? What about driven a car to work? How about cooked your food in a microwave? Listened to music? I think you get the point.

We live in a world of robots. It’s practically a more peaceful version of Terminator: Salvation here on Earth in the 21st century. And maybe FIFA is just starting to understand that and maybe they are finally getting with the times and figuring out all of this technology can be used in a positive way. Imagine that.