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Fernando Torres to stay put at Liverpool

With Fernando Torres picking up major interest from other top-notch clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea and Barcelona, new Liverpool manager -Roy Hodgson- went on to say that Fernando Torres is not for sale.

Although Liverpool were expected to receive some high offers from other clubs, Hodgson is keen in  keeping  Torres at Liverpool and went on to dismiss any rumors that Torres will be leaving the club. After having met with Torres, Hodgson went on to say the following about the 26-year old :

“I have met with Fernando, I found him to be a very pleasant man and we had a nice conversation. As far as we are concerned he is a Liverpool player and we want him to remain a Liverpool player. He is not for sale and we don’t welcome any offers for him. We want to keep him. My conversation with him was only short because I had to leave to come to the training camp in Switzerland. We spoke about football, the World Cup, his injury, and I told him how much I am looking forward to working with him. Christian Purslow our managing director was also at the meeting and chatted to Fernando for a lot longer after I left but my chat with him was only about football matters.”

Having sustained an injury in the World Cup final against Netherlands, Torres was said to miss the start of the pre-season but will possibly be ready for the start of the season.

As for Gerrard and Mascherano, Hodgson went on to say that Gerrard is in the same boat as Torres and will not want to let go of their strongest midfielder, but with Mascherano it is still unclear as to what will happen.

I don’t see Liverpool letting go of Fernando Torres because he is to vital for the club right now. Liverpool are keen in making a top-4 finish in the up-coming season and if Torres can get over his injury and find his old form again, Liverpool should be able to compete for a top-4 finish. However, I do see Mascherano leaving the club for Inter Milan because he has been wanting to make the switch to some time now. He hasn’t even been replaying to the messages that Hodgson has been sending him as well which means it’s more than likely that he will be leaving the club.

“I have tried to contact Javier. I have left him voice messages and sent him texts but had no reply. To be fair to him, that’s not unusual because he’s had a tough World Cup and I believe he’s gone back to Argentina. It’s not always easy to get in touch with people. I have tried to reach him to make clear I am happy to talk with him at his convenience.”

What’s your take on all this? Would you rather see Torres make the switch to La Liga, or stay with Liverpool? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.