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Fernando Torres fully recovers ahead of Spain's next match against Honduras

Fernando Torres was limited in his playing time against Switzerland in which Spain fell short having lost 1-0 due to his fitness level recovering from his knee-surgery but it seems as if the Liverpool striker will be ready for their next match as he went on to state that he has fully recovered and has been training with the team at the same pace for 2 weeks now

Although no one is sure what head-coach Vicente del Bosque will do in regards to starting Torres, the one thing that is for sure is that Torres needs to see more playing time if they are looking to get more chances to score.

In just the short time that Torres was able to make his appearance in the match against Switzerland, you can easily notice how hungry Torres was to score a goal and being that they had lost against the Switz., you can only imagine just how much hungrier Torres will be to put one in the back of the net. However, Torres knows that the decision is not up to him as Del Bosque has not mentioned anything about who will start against Honduras, a match in which Spain has no choice but to walk away victorious.

Fernando Torres went on to say the following :

“We are all ready to take the pitch and give our all and if I amin the starting 11 then great but if not I will wait for my chance.”

The way Torres played against Switzerland, you would have to think that del Bosque will have no choice but to put Torres alongside Villa, as both players prove to be to much for many teams when paired together up-top. Going into this match against who is said to be the weakest team in the group, Spain should not have any problems to walk away with the win.

However, wasn’t Switzerland suppose to be a walk in the park for Spain as well?

Spain and Honduras are set to meet on June 21st at Elias Park Stadium at 2:30 pm eastern time, feel free to share your thoughts on the match in the comments section below.