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Fernando Morientes hangs up his cleats after 17 years

Fernando Morientes  has decided it was time for him to hang his cleats up as he went on to announce his retirement after having played “17 years of elite football”. Having enjoyed playing in Real Madrid and Valencia, Morientes made the switch to French club, Marseille, but unfortunately left the club earlier in the year when both sides agreed to his departure.

Although Morientes was still receiving offers from some other teams, the former Spanish National team player decided it was time for him to settle down and spend some time with his family.

Fernando Morientes went on to say the following  :

“After 17 years playing with the elite of football, I have had three months to rethink my future, and now I want to focus on my family. I have rejected offers from teams around the world, including teams in Mexico, Qatar, Dubai, and also in recent days from Sporting Lisbon.”

Having played with Los Blanocs for 8 years, Morientes hopes that Madrid can retain the title once again as Barcelona are the current champions. However, the former Madrid striker knows that the Catalan club is a bit more organized and favored even after all the spending Madrid has done because Barca are already “well-constructed”.

“Although Barcelona are one step ahead and Real Madrid are a team under construction, they have a line-up of players who are able to compete with their eternal rivals. The project cannot be judged at the moment, but when the results start coming in.”

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