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Fernando Gago will stay at Madrid despite the new arrivals

Although Real Madrid might be bringing in a new boat-load of players to the club, Fernando Gago is one player who will not be fazed or lose confidence in himself as he has decided to not be one of the players leaving the club.

After Jose Mourinho has brought in a total of 5 players for the upcoming season, it has been said that Morinho will be looking to cut 3 players from the squad before the start of the La Liga season. With 4 of the 5 players being new mid-fielders and with Fernando Gago barely getting any playing time as it is, it would have been thought that Gago will be making a switch away form Los Blancos but this will not be the case anymore as Gago wishes to stay with Madrid.

In a statement made by Gago to Ole, Fernando went on to say the following :

“I am going to stay with Real Madrid this season. I have already spoken with (sporting director Jorge) Valdano and Mourinho and at no time did they say they wanted to sell me. I am very comfortable and relaxed here. Some players are going to have to leave, but I am staying. I was surprised that things were said about me leaving, because I had already spoken to the coach and to Valdano.”

Gago loves to be part of Madrid and it was his dream to play with the club and at just 24 years old, Gago still has a chance to grow as a player and find a starting role with Los Blancos. It has also been said that Jose Mourinho is a fan of Gago and does not wish in selling him so this maybe another reason as to why Gago wishes to stay with the club instead of leaving Madrid.

One club that was interested in singing Gago in the past was Manchester City as they went on to make a bid for the former Boca Junior midfielder but the bid was not enough as Gago stayed at Bernabeu. Although other clubs may show some interest in the midfielder, Gago’s agent Marcelo Lombilla, is convinced that Gago will be staying with the club.

“Ever since Mourinho arrived, Fernando has been part of the group. Some time ago, Madrid rejected a very important offer from Manchester City and they did so because he is a player the coach believes is interesting.” Lombilla went on to say.

Do you think Gago will grow at Madrid and possibly even find a starting role withing the club ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.