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Fernando Gago picks up a 5 week injury after hoping to make impression

Fernando Gaga was hoping to make an impression when he was put in during Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu Trophy match against Penarol but unfortunately was not able too as he picked up a injury just 8 minutes in.

Mourinho subbed in Fernando Gago for German midfielder Sami Khedira in the second half, but just 8 minutes after taking the field, the Argentinian collided with defender Matia Aguirregaray and was sent limping off the field.

Real Madrid went on to confirm that Gago will now be missing the start of the season as a statement on the Madrid’s official site went on to read the following :

“A physical exploration and a magnetic resonance have confirmed Fernando Gago has a Grade II sprain on the internal lateral ligament of his left knee. Areas surrounding the ligament have not been affected. The player will miss 4 to 5 weeks and his recovery will be monitored by the medical staff.”

This is horrible news for Gago as he was hoping to make an impression since he was said to be on Madrid’s departure list, but it looks like he just might have edged his way closer to that list. Although Mourinho was said to be a fan of Gago, the team simply has to many options and someone has to be cut. After having sustained a injury that will see him miss the first 5 weeks of action, this maybe enough time to convince Mourinho to keep the players he already has on his squad the day the season begins.

However, Gago is still insisting that he will remain with Los Blanco’s and will continue to fight for his place. The 24-year old refuses to leave the club because of the new arrivals but the injury can be a big blow to the young midfielder.

Think Madrid will end up selling Gago before the transfer window closes ? Would you rather Madrid keep him or sell him ? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.