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Feast Football, Trophy, Moonwalk and Transfer Hints At Milan

El Milán en Champions LeagueAfter confirming the title in Rome a week ago, this Saturday, Ac Milan continue their Scudetto party aat San Siro sharing the enjoyment with all of Milanisti, who already flooded the fashion city, few hours before the Rossoneri’s last home game starts.

In the mood for a celebration, Milan players simply showed their partying spirit in the match by thrashing Cagliari 4-1 by playing exhibition football at times.

Playing in a very relaxed manner, Milan scored pretty lovely goals with Robinho finally showing a much more accurate finishing by scoring two lovely goals in the first half, adding his tally in the league to 14, the same number as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alexandre Pato. Completing the 4-1 scoreline, Gennaro Gattuso and Clarence Seedorf followed Robinho’s path while Andrea Cossu pulled a fine consolation goal that give a little bit pride for the Sardinian.

As the match finished, comes the moment that all Milanisti have been waiting for seven years, the league title trophy presentation in San Siro along with another special celebration after it. Unlike the rather wild celebration that the player have in Rome, the party in San Siro was much more in control, probably because the involvement of players’ family inside the San Siro pitch right after the trophy presentation.

Making the night more special, Milan’s summer signing and new fans favorites, Kevin Prince Boateng, sensationally kept his promise to the Milanisti as the Ghanaian did a Michael Jackson famous moonwalk dance on the pitch. Compete with the renown Billy Jean song, Boateng impersonated the famous dance for the amusement of the fans and also his fellow teammates, who simply enjoyed the occasion.

Late into the night, the press didn’t want to leave the special occasion without snuffing more at the Rossoneri’s future plan as despite facing several politely silence move from the players and coach, the media made their way in making Milan’s vice president, Adriano Galliani into providing some hints about the club’s transfer target. Despite leaving some names out, reporters did get some clarity regarding some players that have been linked with the Rossoneri such as Ricardo Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Essien, Paulo Henrique “Ganso”, Erik Lamela, etc.

Without making any much intention in spoiling things, Galliani provide a simple answer by saying no at several names that being shout out by the reporter, except for the likes of Lamela, Sandro and Ganso. For the first two names, the vice president simply make everyone curious as he simply stated a ‘maybe’ indication, while for the latter, Galliani added an explanation that it will depend on the EU rule in Serie A next season.

Overall, the night was definitely a special party scene for all Milan lovers especially those at San Siro, but their curiosity regarding the team’s setup for the new season remain an exciting thing for all Milanisti.


Creative Commons License photo credit: americanistadechiapas