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Fabulous Fabiano Wants To Remain At Sevilla?

SevillaEvery notice the trend of a professional footballer when they are in the last year of their contract?

First, they claim how badly they want to remain at the place they are at and how they hope a deal will be worked out soon. Then they discuss the possibility of being transferred elsewhere and then debate about where the best place to go would be. Then after they receive some bad press, they claim that they never wanted to leave in the first place and hope a deal can be worked out with their current club.

And it’s no different for Luis Fabiano of Sevilla.

Fabiano has been linked with a move to Tottenham Hotspur recently and the club is one of many in the EPL that has shown some interest in signing the Brazilian national team starter in the last year. And it was Fabiano, himself, who recently expressed interest in signing with a top level organization. And most recently the forward expressed interest in Tottenham Hotspur due to their desire to build a long term winner.

But now Fabiano is claiming that those were all rumors or quotes taken out of context and he actually doesn’t want to transfer anywhere this season. Fabiano made this statement earlier in the week:

During my time at the World Cup I was very calm because I knew that I was going to stay at Sevilla. Much was said but nothing true. I couldn’t talk because I was with the Brazil team but I have a year left on my contract with Sevilla and I am very happy. I really want to defend once again the Sevilla badge and I would love to help lift a trophy in August.

So apparently all that dreaming of playing for Manchester United and AC Milan turned out to be untrue? I’m sure if these teams were begging for the Brazilian then he would be singing a different tune, but since the only team seriously interested at the moment in Tottenham Hotspur perhaps Fabiano is merely biding his time for a bigger move next summer.

Regardless of what Fabiano is actually thinking apparently the guy is staying in La Liga for another season.

Creative Commons License photo credit: *§ir John Hancook**